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Pretty Exciting Stuff: Curation

Artist-curator Zulkhairi Zulkiflee invites Kavita to experience a more personal form of paper collaging.


Published: 2 Nov 2021

Time taken : <5mins

Episode 8: A Layered Self

Photo collages are not only about putting different pictures together, however, it is also how the pictures speak to each other to tell a cohesive story. The same could be said when curating exhibitions. Join artist-curator Zulkhairi Zulkiflee as he shares his insights and experiences in the intriguing world of photo collage and art curation, along with 30-year-old research officer, Kavita.

Video reproduced with permission from the National Arts Council.

About photo collage and curation

A process of art creation through cutting, glueing, pasting and overlapping, photo collages (also known as photomontage) uses an assemblage of existing art to create a new whole. Juxtaposition of seemingly random elements in photo collages encourages the audience to think about the relationship between the grouped objects.

Stemming from the Latin term, cura (to take care), curation refers to the act of organisation, care and management of assets and objects. In museological terms, curation involves the selection, organisation and care for artworks, historical artefacts and other cultural objects. In contemporary art, curators are often also responsible for the conceptualisation, research and writing of an exhibition. 

About Zulkhairi Zulkiflee

Zulkhairi is a lens-based artist, educator and curator who works with visual materials, ranging from photography to found images. His practice explores the notion of Malayness and he is the founder of project group Sikap, which focuses on mutual support and autonomy in ideas. 

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Pretty Exciting Stuff

Commissioned by National Arts Council (Singapore), Pretty Exciting Stuff is an ongoing video series featuring conversations between everyday Singaporeans and our talented visual artists. Get to know our local artists and their mediums and see what goes on behind the scenes of this exciting stuff called visual arts!

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