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Visual Arts

Pretty Exciting Stuff: Collage Art

Artist and educator Milenko Prvacki teaches Clarity about collages.


Published: 2 Nov 2021

Time taken : <5mins

Episode 5: The World is Bits and Pieces

Ever wondered how different bits and pieces from various works can come together to create something completely new? Embark on a digital collaging journey with artist and educator, Milenko Prvacki, as he shares more about his artistic career with HR manager, Clarity.

Video reproduced with permission from the National Arts Council.

About abstract collage art

Unlike conventional ways of artmaking which seek to replicate reality, abstract art strays away from natural forms and implies that reality is subjective. The greater the divergence from the literal form, the more abstract the art will be. An artist may use varied compositions made of shapes, colours, and textures to assemble a new piece of art. Collaging is just one means of abstraction, and can be executed using digital images or physical materials. 

About Milenko Prvacki

Milenko Prvacki is a visual artist and one of Singapore’s foremost art educators. In 2012, he received the Cultural Medallion for Visual Arts in Singapore. Milenko’s paintings reflect the liveliness of his thoughts and life events. 

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Pretty Exciting Stuff

Commissioned by National Arts Council (Singapore), Pretty Exciting Stuff is an ongoing video series featuring conversations between everyday Singaporeans and our talented visual artists. Get to know our local artists and their mediums and see what goes on behind the scenes of this exciting stuff called visual arts!

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