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Moonfest Online: To be

Local Chinese dance practitioners Li Ruimin and Zheng Long present exciting traditional Mongolian and Chinese dance performances.


Published: 1 Sep 2020

Time taken : >15mins

To be

by Li Ruimin and Zheng Long (Singapore)

Premieres 2 Oct, Fri, 8.30pm

Duration: 20mins

Join local Chinese dance practitioners and husband-wife duo Li Ruimin and Zheng Long as they present a series of three performances, including a Mongolian dance item and two classical Chinese dances in this electrifying programme.  


As flowers bloom and wither, the tide recedes and advances, we'll await an outcome, for better or worse.  

Remain Hopeful

One eagerly anticipates the company of another to make two.


Aging and birth are part of the cycle of life. Live in the moment, cherish the moment and chase a better tomorrow. 

About Li Ruimin and Zheng Long 

Li Ruimin graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree in Dance while majoring in Chinese Dance. During her studies, she was also awarded the Chinese Dance Faculty Scholarship and the William Au Arts Education Scholarship. She is also the recipient of the Singapore National Arts Council Arts Scholarship (Overseas). As a principal dancer with the Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre, Ruimin has performed as the female lead in numerous dance dramas. She is currently engaged in dance choreography, performance and education.

Zheng Long is a dance choreographer, performer and educator. He graduated from the Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art where he majored in Chinese dance. At the 10th Tao Li Cup competition, he was awarded the third prize in the group dance category for his performance. Zheng Long has performed extensively in China before joining Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre where he performed as the male lead in many of its productions.

As a duo, Ruimin and Zheng Long have also choreographed shows such as Paucity of (IM)Perfection, Frost, Reminisce, Looking into the Distance etc, which have won over the hearts of their respective audiences. Their works have been performed at events such as the Macau International Youth Dance Festival and won Outstanding Performance Award at the Hong Kong Bauhinia Cup Competition. The duo was involved in the main choreography of an original dance drama Resolute that also featured them as the main dancers. After furthering their studies at the Beijing Dance Academy College of Continuing Education, they also participated in the Singapore International Dance Festival, where they won Gold Award for their outstanding performance.

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