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Moonfest Online: Teochew Opera Classics

Nam Hwa Opera will be performing excerpts from Teochew opera classic Su Liu Niang to accompany you this Mid-Autumn Festival.


Published: 1 Sep 2020

Time taken : >15mins

Teochew Opera Classics

by Nam Hwa Opera (Singapore)

Premieres 1 Oct, Thu, 8.30pm 

Duration: 20mins 

Performed in Teochew, with English and Chinese subtitles. 

Nam Hwa Opera will be performing excerpts from Teochew opera classic Su Liu Niang to accompany you this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Tao Hua Crosses the River Synopsis 

Taohua, the maid of Liuniang, was ordered to travel to Xilu to escort her home. During the boat journey, she and the old boatman passed time with banter and by serenading each other. This scene demonstrates the intelligence and cheerfulness of Taohua as well as the ferryman’s kind and humorous nature. 

Chen Yuzhi as Tao Hua
Koh Khiam Hua as the Ferryman 

Yang Ziliang Demands to Marry the Maiden Synopsis 

Su, a rich landowner from Jieyang Lipu County, won a court case over a land dispute. While throwing a party to celebrate his victory, he also arranged for his daughter, Liuniang to be given away in marriage to Yang Ziliang, the son of Adviser Yang from Raoping County. However, Liuniang and her cousin were in love and had secretly pledged to marry each other. She rejected the marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Yang Ziliang, accompanied by his nanny, is on his way to claim his bride. The result is a riveting performance that promises to captivate and entertain.

Tan Gek Yong as Yang Ziliang
Toinh Ngo Muay as Nanny 

About Nam Hwa Opera 

Founded in 1963 by avid fans of Teochew Opera, Nam Hwa Opera (NHO) has grown into one of Singapore’s most prominent and prolific Teochew opera companies. With a mission to preserve, develop and promote traditional Teochew opera as part of Singapore’s rich heritage, NHO continues to promote the Singapore brand of Teochew opera through international performances and cultural exchanges. In addition to hosting performers from around the world, NHO has also performed in countries such as South Korea, Cambodia, Malaysia and Germany. 

NHO is also home to the Nam Hwa Teochew Music Ensemble and the Yeo Khee Lim Teochew Culture Research Centre. 

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