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Footwork Fun-sized: Balinese Dance

Learn the basics of Balinese dance from the artistic directors of Eka Suwara Santhi.


Published: 24 Sep 2020

Time taken : ~10mins

Footwork Fun-sized: Balinese Dance

By Eka Suwara Santhi

Premieres 12 Oct 2020, Mon, 8pm

With a history that dates back to before the 10th century, Bali is exceptionally rich in culture, art and heritage. Visitors to the island are often mesmerised by its traditional dances, which have enhanced Bali’s standing as a global destination. More than a tourist attraction, dance is also an essential part of Balinese culture and everyday life. It is performed not only for the enjoyment of gods but also local communities.

Join Irving Johnson and Elly Evyana in this online workshop as they share the basic steps and movements of Balinese male and female dance. Viewers will be taught the energetic dance style of a strong male figure and the refined female moves used in the legong dance. They will also be able to distinguish male and female positions while learning about agem (stance) and how it provides a foundation for form. Viewers will also pick up simple steps including arm, leg and head movements that when combined can be used to produce a dance.

About the artists

Irving Johnson and Elly Evyana are the founders and artistic directors of Eka Suwara Santhi, Singapore’s only Balinese dance group. In addition to performing classical Balinese dances, the group also conducts lectures and workshops to introduce Balinese dance to the broader community. Their recent performances include Tari Topeng: Mask Dance of Bali and The Sacred Drama of Kunti Sraya, which was part of the line-up for Esplanade's A Tapestry of Sacred Music 2019, as well as Ngayah – A Dedication of Heart and Soul, which was presented at the Botanic Gardens in 2019.

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