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Footwork Fun-sized: #dans2themax

Get off the couch and take up the #dans2themax challenge! Learn to move from dance artists from around the world.


Published: 24 Sep 2020

Time taken : ~10mins

Footwork Fun-sized: #dans2themax

By Taryn Cheng (USA)

Premieres 12 Oct 2020, Mon, 8pm

Get your body moving and be inspired by dance artists from around the world. We may not able to gather like we used to, but you can still take part in the #dans2themax challenge and move with us!

Choreographed by Taryn Cheng who performed with GRV at Full Out! 2019, this Footwork Fun-sized tutorial will teach you the moves while adding your own spin to them.

Take up the challenge by sharing your videos on TikTok and Instagram. Get your friends and family to join in the fun too! Don’t forget to set your profile to public and remember to include the hashtags #dans2themax #dansfestival #esplanade #mydurian.

About Taryn Cheng

Taryn Cheng is a dancer, choreographer and creative director born and raised in Los Angeles. Motivated by a deep love for the arts from a young age, she embraced the dance community after joined the Gravy Babies dance team in 2013. Currently a choreographer for GRV Dance Company, Taryn has taught dance across the United States and in countries such as China, Singapore and Australia. In addition to acting as a choreographer for artists such as KSHMR, she has also performed with popular South Korean group BTS.

A creative director who believes in the transformative power of purpose-driven content, Taryn is guided by her vision to empower individuals and create dialogue around culture, shared stories and human emotions. She hopes to elevate dance to the mainstream while providing younger generations with creative role models.

Get up and move

da:ns festival 2020

A reimagined da:ns festival 2020 invites you to discover movement across diverging mediums – through your body and from your screen. Free your mind and explore dance in its varied forms and expressions with thought-provoking new works, illuminating conversations, introductory videos and more.

12 – 31 Oct 2020
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