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Voices: Let's Talk: Improve Your Singing

Vocalising with LimTayPeng


Published: 20 Nov 2020

Time taken : >15mins

Premieres on 2 Dec, Wed, 6pm.

Learn how Singapore singing group LimTayPeng keeps their vocals strong and healthy with tips on vocal warm ups before performance, as well as how to add more variety to your singing voice. The wacky trio will also demo some Singapore-flavoured content, don’t say never jio (invite) you!

About LimTayPeng

LimTayPeng is a Singapore music trio comprising lead singers Aaron Matthew Lim and Tay Sia Yeun; and composer-pianist Peng Chi Sheng. The group’s quirky name is a combination of their surnames, while also directly translating to “drink iced tea” in the Hokkien dialect. The trio have just released their newest single Wish Upon the Moon, now available on Spotify.

A celebration of vocal music, Voices – A Festival of Song invites you to connect with one another through the shared experience of song live and online.
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