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The New Mulan Ballad

Premieres on 17 Sep, 3pm


Published: 15 Sep 2021

Time taken : >15mins

The New Mulan Ballad

By Shanghai Pingtan Troupe (China)

Premieres on 17 Sep 2021, Fri, 3pm

Duration: 10min
Performed in Suzhou dialect, with English and Chinese subtitles

The opening piece of Suzhou tanci, The New Mulan Ballad is based on the legend of Mulan – a filial daughter who disguised herself as a man to go to war on behalf of her ailing, elderly father. In the late 1950s, Shanghai Pingtan Troupe leader, Wu Zongxi revised the old Mulan Ballad and composed The New Mulan Ballad. Back then, the new adaptation sung by Xu Lixian, founder of the distinctive li diao style, overturned traditions with its powerful narration and took the music scene by storm. The ballad has since become a new pingtan classic that celebrates Mulan's bravery and filial piety.

Singer: Lu Jinhua
Pipa: Xia Huiying
Sanxian: Jiang Xiaobo
Erhu: Chen Jiawei
Zhongruan: Wu Nan
Bell: Xu Yifeng

About Shanghai Pingtan Troupe 

Founded in 1951, Shanghai Pingtan Troupe is the first national pingtan troupe of China and widely regarded as one of the best. Over the last few decades, the troupe has made significant contributions to the cultivation and development of this traditional art form. The renowned troupe has received many accolades for its exquisite performances. The troupe presents over 4,000 performances yearly in China and has been invited to showcase this cultural heritage to audiences around the world including Europe, America and parts of Asia.

About Lu Jinhua

National Class Two Performer, Lu Jinhua studied under renowned pingtan performers Wu Weidong, Mao Jinjin and Sima Wei. Renowned for performing tanci works, Wen Zheng Ming, Pearl Pagoda, Wang Kui Betrays Gui Ying and Du Shiniang. Lu received the Best Newcomer award at the 10th China Quyi Peony Awards.

Moonfest 2021

Featuring a wide array of live and digital programmes, the 17th edition of Moonfest – A Mid-Autumn Celebration returns with its annual showcase of traditional Chinese arts and craft forms.

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