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Battle of the Xiaoshang River

By Foshan Cantonese Opera Troupe (China)


Published: 15 Sep 2021

Time taken : >15mins

Battle of the Xiaoshang River

by Foshan Cantonese Opera Troupe (China)
Premieres 17 Sep, Fri, 3pm
Duration: 10min
Performed in Suzhou dialect, with English and Chinese subtitles.

Foshan Cantonese Opera Troupe presents a breathtaking showcase of martial arts in this classic Cantonese opera excerpt of Yue Fei’s brave general Yang Zaixing’s battle against the Jin army.  


Yang Zaixing: Pei Xiaoming 
Jin Wuzhu: Feng Baotong 
Generals: Zhou Wenlong, Liang Yinhai, Huang Guangzhen, Cheng Naicong
Soldiers: Zheng Shikai, Lu Shangjiang, Cheng Yanshi, Cao Xingyu

About Foshan Cantonese Opera Troupe 

The troupe is currently headed by award-winning Cantonese opera artist Li Shu Qin. She is a National First Grade Performer, and among the many awards she received, is the prestigious Plum Blossom Award. The troupe was formed in 1957 and has nurtured numerous Cantonese opera luminaries. Their repertoire has received recognition and acclaim and many of their productions have received numerous awards. The troupe has toured extensively to America, Canada, France, Germany, Korea and Hong Kong. The troupe is recognised as a Cultural Beacon in the city of Foshan, China. 

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