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Experiencing Nature with Children

5 tips for exploring the outdoors in an urban jungle


Published: 24 Feb 2022

Time taken : <5mins

With the evolving COVID-19 situation, it can sometimes feel like we’re stuck indoors forevertough for adults, but even tougher for frisky kids. Here are some ideas on how to reconnect with nature. If you are lucky, you might find a patch of nature to experience in isolation.

1 | Show them that you enjoy being in the physical world and appreciate everything in it.

Be aware of and examine plants, bugs, mountains, marine life, the stars and weather together. “The sense of nature and being away from the hustle and bustle is something I've missed,” says choreographer Melissa Quek. “So I appreciate the chance to notice details in the world around us, and how this gets us to slow down.” Melissa and her collective, The Kueh Tutus are facilitators for Family Portrait, an immersive video experience that explores movement, curiosity and play in the great outdoors.

2 | Make it fun.

Have a picnic on a nice day. Suggest an impromptu romp at the beach. Sometimes, in lieu of an epic hike, a small manageable game of catch on a quadrangle might be just what everyone needs to blow off steam or relax.

3 | Schedule time for the outdoors.

A weekly walk to break up the tedium of being cooped up at home or for a break from screens; 10 minutes watering the plants in the corridor daily; or after-dinner strolls in a park on weekends.

4 | Change it up a little.

Instead of heading outside at a time most people would, try venturing out to parks in the wee hours. It’ll be an exciting past-bedtime family adventure for the little ones, and there’ll be fewer people around (go on, breathe in the fresh air!). Arm yourselves with flashlights, mozzie repellant and imagine you’re on the trail of a mystery. As always, be mindful of your surroundings and safety.

5 | Ask the little ones what they would like to see or do.

Maybe they want to see frogs or fishes, in which case a day out at a frog farm or kelong might offer a surprising excursion.



Family Portrait is part of March On and takes place from 9 – 13 Mar 2022.

Contributed by:

Clara Chow

Clara Chow is fond of night walks and defending snails on pavements.