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Octoburst! Online: Video Bon-Bon: Precious Planet

Written and composed by Ilysia and Noah


Published: 7 Oct 2021

Time taken : >15mins

Video Bon-Bon: Precious Planet

Written and composed by: Ilysia and Noah
Animation and video by: Otoboy
Voice Artist: Tysha Khan
Special thanks to: Bani Haykal, Edward, Jonathan, Juliah, Lilian, Rae and Wei Ping

Premieres on 8 Oct, Fri, at 9am

Recommended age: 3 years old and above

During the Stony Gardener's 100-year slumber, Precious Planet, our home, slowly became grey. The Sparkling Pond dried up and the Frolicking Field became a dusty desert. We need YOU to wake the Stony Gardener up and bring life and colour back to Precious Planet! The secret to tackling this massive mission? Your enchanted stones.

It will be a rewarding journey of sights, sounds, music, dance, and touch as we bring our Precious Planet back to life!

A note to caregivers: Before you embark on this journey with your child, we encourage you to download the Video Bon-bon: Precious Planet Activity Pack that has been provided below. This pack contains supplemental and optional activities for you and your young one(s). It is recommended that caregivers watch the videos a few times and go through the activity pack before carrying out the activities to better understand their flow and pace and how they are interconnected and form a holistic experience for your child. The videos and activities have also been designed to be suitable for children of diverse needs and abilities.

Off we go breathing life back into Precious Planet!

Story Time

Something has happened to Precious Planet. It’s lifeless, dried up and dusty! With the help of the Stony Gardener and the enchanted stones, come breathe life back into the Sparkling Pond, the Frolicking Field and our home, the Precious Planet.

Dance Party

The Stony Gardener, the Awesome Otter, and the Smiling Sunflower all join in and bust a move, dancing to the beat of a house music track. After grooving for a while, the Stony Gardener begins to get tired and prepares to get ready for some much needed rest.


The Stony Gardener cleans itself off with a fresh cloth and goes to find a nice, soft spot to lie down. Once it finds a cozy patch of grass, it begins deeply breathing and massaging its body to get all the excitement of the day out of its system and ends off by singing a quiet tune and falling asleep.

For the young and the young-at-heart

Octoburst! 2021

Come sing, dance, move and discover more with us this Octoburst!

8 Oct 2021
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