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Sound lab: kids unCage new music

Deconstructing music to find out what sound sounds like.


Published: 22 Oct 2019

Time taken : <5mins

When kids bang on tables using chopsticks or on chairs using anything they can get their hands on, think again before you say "stop doing that". This is because kids, almost unconsciously, embody certain concepts that were pioneered by master of experimental and minimalist music John Cage. And we don't want to stem that budding ingenuity, do we. Watch to find out more!


Natalie Alexandra Tse

Natalie Alexandra Tse is a PhD scholar at the National Institute of Education Singapore. She hopes to research further into the creative processes of improvisation and play in early childhood music education while promoting her spirit of experimentation through the Arts. She believes that the Arts has the ability to develop children&rsquo;s awareness of the diverse cultures in the world, thereby cultivating understanding, respect and empathy for others. Believing strongly that the very young are beings with their own identities, rather than becomings waiting to be sculpted, Natalie hopes to share her experiences as an artist and mother with other parents and their little ones.