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Visual Arts

Rekindle: Carving the self

An intergenerational conversation


Published: 13 Jan 2022

Time taken : ~10mins


Episode 1: Carving the self

Illustrator and stamp maker Rachel Ma (also known as Drool Stamps) speaks with veteran seal carver Lee Boon Chye of Chinatown Seal Carving Souvenir—one of its last in Singapore—on how their individual practices offer others a chance to explore different facets of their identity, and what their work means to them as they make their marks.

About Rekindle

As part of Huayi’s inaugural documentary-workshop experience, Rekindle delves into traditional Chinese crafts and their surprising connections to the more familiar contemporary trends of today. It uncovers the stories of traditional artisans and the sunset industries that they have dedicated their lives to, depicted through the lens of a young contemporary artist, to invoke dialogue on how we can rekindle the legacy of traditions that have laid dormant or remained unknown. 

Rekindle extends its line of inquiry with the complementary onsite workshop, Stamp Carving Workshop with Drool Stamps, at Huayi 2022.

A roaring new year

Huayi – Chinese Festival of Arts

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11 Feb – 6 Mar 2022

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