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Karung Guni Boy's Guide to Recycling

What can you recycle? Kids, watch and learn how to turn trash into treasures.


Published: 17 Sep 2020

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Updated: 23 Apr 2021

Time taken : >15mins

Karung Guni Boy's Guide to Recycling

Director/Scriptwriter: Tan Beng Tian 
Performers: Tan Shou Chen, Tan Beng Tian, Megan Joann Tan 
Puppeteer/Puppet designer: Tan Beng Tian 
Music & Lyrics: Stan, Jean Tay

Do you know how to recycle? Taking inspiration from the story in PLAYtime!'s Karung Guni Boy, discover how everyone can turn trash into treasure with our friends Tan Shou Chen and Tan Beng Tian. Identify rubbish that you can put into recycling bins to transform into new products. You can also learn how to make a new toy for a loved one to brighten their day!

Papers & Aluminium Cans: Treasure or Trash?

What is recycling? Can you recycle paper or an empty can of soda? Shou Chen shares more.

What about Glass and Plastics?

Glass bottles, glass jars, glass containers! It's easy to reuse and recycle. But things can get a little tricky with plastics. Shou Chen tells you more.

Turning Trash into Treasures

Don’t throw that plastic bag! Instead, make it into a fun toy for a friend to show you care. Beng Tian shows you how.

Recycling isn't that hard and can be tons of fun. You can even do it at home or in school. Download the Recycling Activity Pack below and try out the activities together with your grown-up.

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