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The Show Goes On...line: iNCH × Tan Lixin

Song meets spoken word


Published: 24 Apr 2020

Time taken : >15mins

Singer-songwriter iNCH and poet Tan Lixin join hands to tell the stories of the voiceless. In this collaboration, music meets storytelling to shine a light on social issues such as domestic abuse and marginalisation.
Weaving original stories by Tan Lixin with songs and sound design by iNCH, this intimate and imaginative performance depicts characters we may be familiar with but almost never dwell on. By bringing their narratives to life, the two works that make up this multidisciplinary effort also seek to articulate unspoken thoughts and amplify the voices of those who often go unheard in our community.
Performed and filmed live at Esplanade Concourse on March 24, this event was part of the 2020 line-up for Foreword, the arts centre’s free programme for March where stories and literary texts — spoken, narrated, musically interpreted — take centre stage.

iNCH has made a career as an international recording and performing artist. Born and raised in Singapore, she has played at numerous festivals around the world, and opened for the likes of Charlie Puth and Vampire Weekend. She staged her first major theatrical production in 2019 and is presently a tireless student of the ocarina.

Tan Lixin is the author of two poetry collections Before We Are Ghosts and Keeping Skeletons. She is a three-time winner at the Commonwealth Essay Competition and her work has been featured on Eunoia Review, Prairie Schooner and Her World. Her new collection I Arrive as a Bloody Morning will be released in 2020.

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