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Music Stream

Gemadah 2022: Pop-up Radio

Premieres 18 Mar, 8pm


Published: 18 Mar 2022

Time taken : >15mins

Pop-up Radio

SGOudists, Nobat Kota Singa, AluNada & Firqatul Wannazam (Singapore)
Premieres 18 Mar, 8pm
Duration: 1h

Get a taste of the exciting and exquisite Malay folk music with street musicians performing their rendition of classic tunes and rhythms of a bygone era. Fast-paced and energetic, the various performances will capture the essence and charm that identifies itself with the old world, presented by some of the most talented Malay musicians of today's generation. Catch their short and energetic music videos featured online throughout the festival.

About the artists

About SGOudists

The idea to build Singapore's very own oud community was conceived right after the first Singapore Gambus Conference, which was held from 25th to 30th October 2016 at the Malay Heritage Centre. It was an event which celebrated and revisited the important role of the gambus in the context of Malay traditional music. Henceforth, Singapore Oudists was born. Members of Singapore Oudists have been invited to perform in corporate events held by National Arts Council, Christian Dior, Singapore Police Force, Malay Heritage Centre, Rediffusion Singapore & Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay. This oud community hopes to be a platform where local oud players would be able to get together and share knowledge, information, techniques and playing styles of this exotic instrument, regardless of music genres or ethnicities.

About Nobat Kota Singa

Founded in 2011, Nobat Kota Singa (NKS) is a traditional Malay band that performs weddings, theatre and dance productions. They have been actively involved in annual festivals at Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay such as Muara Festival and Pesta Raya, as well as international festivals such as the International Folklore Festival 2016 in Elk, Poland. Their members come from different backgrounds as diverse as dikir barat, reggae, even theatre. Since they started, the band has expanded their line-up with the recruitment of their second band, and they hope to keep expanding. NKS aims to introduce traditional Malay music to larger audiences. Besides expressing their passion in music, NKS also aims to create a platform for budding musicians and singers to learn and experience traditional Malay music.

About AluNada

Formally introduced in 2016, aluNada Muzik is a brand established by Fadhli Ramlee to produce and conceptualise artistic collaboration works.

About Firqatul Wannazam

One of the most recognizable Malay rhythms of the archipelago is the ubiquitous and interlocking playing of the hadrah. This genre is so prevalent that it is quite a common sight on weekends at weddings or welcoming the arrival of guests of honour in a community event. Firqatul Wannazam, one of the oldest established Hadrah groups in Singapore has made many monumental contributions to this artform over the years. Come and be a part of this exclusive performance that is sure to leave you spellbound!

Firqatul Wannazam was established in 1921 at Paya Lebar by the late Sheikh Ahmad Bin Sheikh Amir upon his arrival from Palembang. The group's name translates to "choral group" and was given by the late Ustaz Dahlan. To date, it is the oldest Hadrah group in Singapore, thriving under the tutelage of Mr. Haji Othman Abdul Rahman and Mr. Shahid Haron.

The group has achieved several milestones and achievements throughout their history as a performance group, having been featured in movies such as Madu Tiga, Tun Fatimah and Laila Majnun at the invitation of legendary Malay silver screen icon Tan Sri P. Ramlee. Today, the group's mission is to bring the musical tradition of Hadrah back to its glory days by adopting a contemporary approach in its compositions, while still preserving the traditions of the genre.

Gemadah 2022

Gemadah – Traditional Malay Music Festival is a one-day event presented by the Singapore Malay Traditional Musicians Association, in collaboration with Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay as part of Pentas.

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