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6 ways to enjoy your show

...and how not to attract disapproving stares!


Subject: General


Level: Lower Primary, Lower Secondary, Upper Primary, Upper Secondary

6 ways to enjoy your show

What are some Dos and Don'ts when attending a performance? Find out more about audience etiquette with this handy guide.



Being a considerate audience member means that you give your full attention to the performers. So no talking while a performance is going on.


Beep Beep!

Switch off your mobile phone. The vibration, beeping and light are going to be a distraction to the performers and members of the audience.


Rustle! Rip! Ouch!

Keep fidgeting and noise to a minimum. The rustling from a candy wrapper, the sound of velcro ripping or even the jangle of your jewellery might sound loud in a quiet venue. Also, always be mindful of ramming your elbows into your neighbour or kicking the seat in front of you.


NOm NOm!

Do not eat or drink in the venue unless you are allowed to. Satisfy your hunger pangs before or after the show.


Get Comfy

Always arrive early and give yourself ample time to visit the washroom before the start of the performance. Do not leave the venue during the performance unless it is an emergency. If you do leave the venue, you will only be allowed back in during the intermission or at a suitable pause in the performance.


Clap! Clap!

Love what you’ve watched? Show your appreciation by applauding at the end of the performance! If you are not sure when to clap, take the cue from others around you.