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Vocal Focal Ep 2: Singing in harmony

Adi and Steph explain and demonstrate ways to sing in harmony


Published: 1 Dec 2021

Time taken : ~10mins

Vocal Focal

Episode 2: Singing in harmony

Adi and Steph presents several basic ways of singing in harmony, including singing in unison, intervals and the three-part harmony, as well as the theory behind it. This will be followed by a brief demonstration of all these tips and tricks using Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are.

Vocal Focal is a four-part video series produced as part of Esplanade's Voices – A Festival of Song 2021, in support of Giving Week.

About Adi & Steph

Adi & Steph met in college days performing for the NUS Jazz Band, where they both struggled backstage to memorise their choreography for Earth, Wind & Fire’s September.

Adi dabbles in vocal arrangements and live acoustic performances and Steph enjoys everything from acting and singing onstage to recording commercial voice-overs.

They are brought together by a shared gravitation towards jazz, pop and musicals, but above all, their unparalleled, genuine love for Disney songs. Steph is the beauty to Adi’s beast and together, they’d challenge you to a Disney duel anytime.

For the first time in forever, they come together to bring these musical sensibilities and share with you their love for singing in harmony!

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Vocal Focal

A series of fun, bite-sized videos offering insights into different singing styles, presented by Voices – A Festival of Song 2021.

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