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Vocal Focal Ep 1: Warming up and caring for your voice

How to use your voice the right way with Jingyun and Joel


Published: 26 Nov 2021

Time taken : ~10mins

Vocal Focal

Episode 1: Warming up and caring for your voice

Here are some simple physical and vocal exercises that will help you prepare for using your voice the right way. Explore key concepts for developing and maintaining a healthy voice, and learn how to connect your body, breath and voice, and experience balance and ease when vocalising.

Remember to download the accompanying voice health guide!

Vocal Focal is a four-part video series produced as part of Esplanade's Voices – A Festival of Song 2021, in support of Giving Week.

About Joel Tay

Joel Tay is an experienced Speech and Voice Therapist who has worked with people with communication and swallowing difficulties for the last 13 years. Tay currently teaches in the Masters in Speech-Language Pathology programme at the National University of Singapore. He graduated from NUS with a degree in psychology and a Masters in Speech-Language Pathology. His primary clinical focus is in the treatment and prevention of voice problems. In addition to that, he also has vast experience working with people with language and speech difficulties and swallowing problems.

Over the years, he has had the opportunity to speak and educate the public about voice science and persuasive communication. He has spoken at World Voice Day Singapore, Esplanade’s Voices – A Festival of Song, and worked with many schools and companies such as Ogilvy and Hilton Hotels.

Tay hopes to bridge the gap between voice science and art, and hopes to demystify the often confusing world of voice training. In recent years, he has seen an increasing number of singers and helping them understand and protect their voice. He is also passionate about helping teachers regain their voices, and to teach them how to use good vocal technique to better command a class.

On top of helping people achieve the best of their voices, Tay also records voiceovers for a number of studios and companies in Singapore. He has also emceed for performances at the Singapore Grand Prix, the Watoto Children’s Choir, the Victoria Concert Hall and at Esplanade.

About Jingyun Ng

Jingyun Ng is a performer, voice teacher and the founder of Know Your Voice, a mind-body exploration and vocal health workshop series. She delights in finding meaningful connections within ourselves and between people through performance, coaching and facilitating discussions about wellness of being.

Bringing her bold spirit to stage, experimental and commercial projects, Ng is acquainted with western classical new music, vocal improvisation and voiceover engagements. She frequently performs with collaborators including L’arietta, The Opera People, Theemptybluesky and The Madhatter Project. She graduated with Honours (Highest Distinction) in Vocal Performance from Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (NUS), and is an alumna of School of the Arts, Singapore. Her principal voice teachers include Akiko Otao, Alan Bennett and Thomas Manhart.

As a voice coach, Ng guides individuals to discover their vocal and artistic potential through equipping them with experiential knowledge of their psychophysical selves. She nurtures readiness for life-long voice work in singing with stylistic sensibility and versatility, and in speaking with a dynamic and supple voice. She currently teaches in her private studio, while completing her Graduate Certificate of Counselling with Swinburne University of Technology. She plans to continue her Alexander Technique teacher training in 2022.

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Vocal Focal

A series of fun, bite-sized videos offering insights into different singing styles, presented by Voices – A Festival of Song 2021.

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