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PLAYtime! sing-along: Nature wonderland

Let’s karaoke! Belt out these PLAYtime! tunes with your little ones.


Published: 17 Apr 2020

Time taken : >15mins

It’s time to discover Mother Nature and the wonders of the natural world.

Get to know the friendly animals living in the jungle, swim up and down with the fishes in the sea and sing a song about…mangoes, chikus and rambutans? Relive the magic of theatre in the comfort of your own home with these catchy PLAYtime! songs. So let’s dive right in and mango-tango!

Music & lyrics by Stan X Soap

  • The Jungle Song from The Magic Jungle
  • We Love Swimming in the Sea from The Magic Ocean
  • Fish in the Sea from The Magic Ocean
  • The Fruit Song from The Bird Who Was Afraid of Heights

PLAYtime! sing-along

Sing your hearts out to your favourite PLAYtime! tunes in this series of exclusive clips from our popular PLAYtime! series for kids ages 2 to 6.

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