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The Show Goes On...line: MFO × DJ Koflow

Concert highlights from A Turntable-Orchestra Programme (2017)


Published: 20 Mar 2020

Time taken : ~10mins

Remind yourself just how badass Beethoven can be as the world celebrates his 250th birthday in 2020. This rockin’ rendition of the composer’s much-loved Fifth Symphony performed by the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra (MFO), conducted by Music Director Julian Wong, and featuring turntablist DJ KoFlow, will help you rediscover why Beethoven was the world’s very first rock star! 

A genre-defying musical adventure that fused pop culture and electronic music with a symphony orchestra, A Turntable-Orchestra Programme was performed live at Esplanade Concert Hall on 24 May 2017.

The Metropolitan Festival Orchestra (MFO) is Singapore's only fully independent professional symphony orchestra. Practicing the philosophy that the orchestra is a powerful tool for bringing people together, it has collaborated with international artists such as Tan Dun, Lang Lang, Kitaro, Il Divo, Stefanie Sun, JJ Lin and Korea National Opera.

Julian Wong's work as a music director has encompassed concerts, arts festivals, theatre, and studio production. As a guest arranger and conductor, he has worked with Joyful Strings, Ministry of Bellz, Rave Harps, Orchestra of the Music Makers, and Metropolitan Festival Orchestra.

DJ KoFlow is one of Singapore’s most prolific turntablists with a career spanning over 20 years. The 2003 Singapore DMC champion and World DMC finalist has performed with international artists such as Ghostface Killah and Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan, NAS, Mariah Carey and Kanye West. 


Educators, if you are looking to introduce your students to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony or turntabling, click on the link below and download the student guide that was produced as part of KoFlow-MFO: A Turntable-Orchestra Programme.

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