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I Kid You Not #10 | The art of Bharatanatyam

Four young dancers show us the basics of bharatanatyam.


Published: 26 Nov 2021

Time taken : >15mins

The bharatanatyam dancer is essentially a story-teller; art is more than just words and the dancers' job is to let the whole body speak.

In this final episode of I Kid You Not Season 2, Anandita, Ananya, Maya and Nishikaa tell us about the essence of one of the oldest forms of classical dance, bharatanatyam. The four gurus deconstruct bharatanatyam into its basic elements and also demonstrate the navarasas, which are the nine emotions that can be conveyed through classical Indian dance. We end with the experts performing an excerpt of Kalinga Nathanam, or the Kalinga dance, which is a story about Krishna who battles with a giant snake and subdues it, eventually emerging from the river dancing atop the hood of the serpent.

Anandita Kishore
Ananya Pai
Maya Senthi
Nishikaa Muthukrishnan

Through the music and instruments of varied cultures and traditions, kids understand more about people who come from different backgrounds, while reconnecting with their own roots. This opens their minds from a young age, showing them the unique ways in which others might see the world. As they grow up, the kids are able to observe and appreciate different points of view, allowing them to effectively navigate the diverse world we live in.

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Meera Balasubramanian

Kalpavriksha Fine Arts Ltd

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