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The Show Goes On…line: HAYA Band (2017)

Concert highlights from Migration – A World Music Concert


Published: 26 Jun 2020

Time taken : >15mins

Listening to their music, your body feels like the earth, your blood like the rivers, your eyes like the sky.

Tan Dun, Grammy Award-winning composer

Three-time winner of “Best Cross-Border Music Album” at Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards, HAYA Band made their Singapore debut at Esplanade with Migration – A World Music Concert, showcasing a mesmerising mosaic of ethnic sounds and contemporary influences that breathes new life into ethnic Mongolian music. 

The world music icon takes us on a search for our spiritual sanctuary guided by their belief that all the world is our home. Risk takers by nature, the ensemble drew heavily on the rich musical heritage of Mongolia, reviving its buried aspects for a new audience. Performing folk-derived songs such as Ongmanibamai and Lali, the band wove frontwoman Daiqing Tana’s vocal dynamics with traditional instruments such as the long-necked lute, producing rich musical tapestries completed by acoustic and bass guitars. In this spellbinding concert, each song is a story unto itself. 

HAYA Band performed at Esplanade Concert Hall on 4 February 2017 as part of the line-up for the 15th edition of Huayi – Chinese Festival of Arts. Launched in 2003, Huayi aims to showcase the works of outstanding Chinese artists while celebrating Singapore’s multicultural heritage.

HAYA Band is a six-member ensemble known for integrating Mongolian music with contemporary pop elements. Founded in 2006 by morin khuur musician Quan Sheng, the group also consists of Daiqing Tana (lead vocals), guitarists Chen Xibo and Mugelal, Baoyin (percussion and throat singing) and bassist Eric Lattanzio. The band has released six albums to date, including their most recent, Link, in 2019. “Haya” means “borders” in Mongolian. 

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