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Flashback: seven decades of Malay dance in Singapore

Milestones in Singapore Malay dance, as charted by Muhd Noramin Mohd Farid (Soultari).


Published: 4 Jan 2019

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Updated: 23 Jan 2019

Time taken : ~10mins

How did Singapore Malay dance come about? As with most things cultural, its journey can be traced back to even before Singapore officially became a nation. We look at some milestones in this uniquely Singapore art form and identify its movers and shakers.

For a student-friendly introduction to traditional Malay music, download Esplanade’s Tuned-In Performance Guide on core rhythms and musical instruments at the end of this article.

Contributed by:

Muhd Noramin Mohd Farid (Soultari)

Muhd Noramin Mohd Farid (Soultari) is a choreographer, arts educator and researcher from Singapore.

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