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Baybeats Unplugged: Tell Lie Vision

A different perspective on this Tell Lie Vision, with songs reimagined to fit a more personal space.


Published: 4 Aug 2020

Time taken : >15mins

Tell Lie Vision

Away from the electrifying energy of the stage that they’re used to, Tell Lie Vision (alongside a special guest) will be performing a couple of songs reimagined into a personal and intimate setting. These songs include a crowd favourite and also includes the debut of a couple of new unreleased songs. Premieres on 21 Aug 2020, Fri, 10.15pm.

1. Reconcile
2. Not Enough
3. This Is The End

About the artists

Tell Lie Vision (TLV) is a four-piece post-hardcore band that aims to combine heavy guitar melodies with theatrical finesse to create a signature sound that they can truly call their own.

Having collected numerous accolades since their inception in 2012, the band has evolved and grown through the years, with its current line-up comprising Vikkash Suruchand (vocals/guitars), Hairul Azman (vocals/guitars), Irfan Samsuri (bass) and Lester Chua (drums). TLV continually strives to challenge their own boundaries to deliver highly energetic and hard-hitting performances, whether in the studio or on stage.

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