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Add to Playlist Ep 1: A Culture

Where do you belong?


Published: 11 Oct 2021

Time taken : ~10mins

Add to Playlist

Episode 1: A Culture

An Esplanade Commission
Presented by Baybeats
Produced by Not Safe For TV

What happens when what you want isn’t what everyone else expects of you? Meet the misfits. They’re the ones whom you secretly watch; they’re bold, different, self-assured; they don’t (or won’t) conform. These artists have carved out a space for themselves in music, where labels that don't have record in them don't matter, and where their voices are heard.

Advisory: This video contains some coarse language and mature content.

About this series

In Add to Playlist, we explore four universal themes that are triggered by emotions experienced through the music of Baybeats: A movement, a voice, a person, a culture. Created in collaboration with NSFTV, these intimate playlists feature stories of all sorts of individuals who have been involved with the festival in different capacities, who are from Singapore and abroad. In these narratives, Add to Playlist also reveals what the Baybeats brand is and has stood for 20 years in the scene and counting—the festival's history, being a platform for bands, giving a voice to subcultures in Singapore and the region, as well as its commitment to the music of our culture. 

Add these videos to your playlist and allow yourself to see how the music of Baybeats is a part of our identity, our lives, and our culture.

Acknowledgement by:

Not Safe For TV

Not Safe For TV (NSFTV) is an online visual magazine by The Hummingbird Co. that creates experimental video content in both narrative and documentary formats. By pushing the boundaries of storytelling and filmmaking with new perspectives, NSFTV seeks to be the alternative voice for the bold and the curious.

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