Corporate Overview: Vision, Mission, Values
Our Vision

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay is a performing arts centre for everyone. We will be internationally recognised for our creativity and sense of adventure. We will set exceptional standards of service that will position us as a world leader.

Our Mission

To entertain, engage, educate and inspire.

Our Values

We recognise that our core business is in the arts.

We value our customers and will take responsibility to ensure that their needs are satisfied. We will deliver what we promise and exceed expectations.

We believe in being proactive and resourceful, adopting a "can do" attitude at all times. We will always aim to do things right the first time, yet not forgetting to seek new ways to do things better.

We take pride and ownership in what we do and will lead by example. We will constantly seek new ideas and have the courage to take risks. In pushing our limits, we will accept that failures are part of the learning process.

Our resources are scarce and precious. We will always be responsible with them, exercising financial prudence and leveraging every opportunity to stretch our every dollar.

Our processes will always be simple and seamless. They should not hinder our work but help us achieve our results.

We will invest in our staff. Continuous learning and self-improvement will be a natural part of our culture.

Above all, we are a team. We recognise that everyone matters and that all roles are important. As a team we will:

  • always support and respect each other
  • never abandon our team mates in times of need
  • agree to allow disagreement; we respect all views
  • always take a ‘time-out', in good and bad times
  • keep communication channels open at all levels and at all times
  • celebrate all wins
  • put passion and fun in everything we do

Kindness, warmth, integrity and humility will be our fundamental values.