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Which character from Alkesah are you?

Take the quiz and find out.


Published: 13 Jul 2018

Time taken : <5mins

We’ve all been told stories from Malay folklore while growing up. There are those about the famous mousedeer Sang Kancil, who uses its intelligence and cunning to outwit its predators. There are also plenty of stories about tricksters and fools–such as Pak Kaduk, Pak Pandir and Pak Belalang–who find themselves in sticky, often absurd situations, and who sometimes come to an unsavory end.

From magical creatures to evil witches, daydreamers to village idiots, these characters that inhabit this universe not only teach moral lessons, they also do so in humorous ways.

So what happens when they live in the same kampung? In Alkesah, a rib-tickling play as part of Pesta Raya 2018, written by Zulfadli Rashid and directed by Aidli Mosbit, we find out if they're all the stories make them out to be, or if there's more than meets the eye.

Think you know your Malay folklore? Take the quiz and find out who your inner Alkesah character is.