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Fill in the blanks: My mantra in 2019 is __________

What mindset are you adopting this new year? Pick one and start listening to your All Things New playlist.


Published: 31 Dec 2018

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Your All Things New playlist is right here

How are you getting through 2019? Got your game face on yet? The new year is always a good time to reset things, kick (or adopt) habits, and think about change. Whether you’re planning to hang back in the chill zone, live it large or wing it as it comes, we’ve made you a special All Things New playlist to get those feet through the door.

See which attitude you'd like to adopt this year, a mantra you'd want to tell yourself over and over, then plug in and listen to your recommended music right away. Check out the acts at All Things New this January, a month of gigs featuring new faces and new music—fresh, frosty and absolutely free.

Be in the moment 🎧

If you think this is the year to be more invested in yourself and the ones around you, this is the mantra for you. Have more deep and meaningful conversations, get rid of distractions, and be in the moment. Here are some songs that will get you in the mood.

Be more carefree 🎧

If you're the type who takes things a little too seriously, or frequently find stress knocking on your door, maybe it's time to learn to let go of the small stuff and get rid of the worry warts. Here are some feel-good tracks that might help you loosen up this new year, and be more carefree.

Cruise through it 🎧

It's back to the grind, but you've decided to take a small step back and let things run its course. If you're looking to take the backseat more, here are some tracks that'll put you in the mood to cruise.

Just wing it 🎧

Life is short, and perhaps we should all let spontaneity in a little more. If you're looking to leave procrastination behind and be more carpe diem about things, then here's some jazz that'll help you with that first step.

Walk it, talk it, keep it 100 🎧

It's a waste of time to beat around the bush and say or do things you don't mean, and the new year is all about keeping it real and being true to yourself. If you plan to march to the beat of your own heart this year and live more honestly, perhaps some heavier upbeat music might help jolt your inner self to the surface.

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