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This is Jazz: Episode 1

How to listen, like really, really listen, to jazz


Published: 9 Jun 2022

Time taken : ~10mins

This is Jazz Episode 1

How to listen, like really really listen, to jazz

Premieres 10 Jun, 12pm

What exactly is jazz? Rhythm, swing, blues? What do they mean? Do I need to be a musician to listen to jazz? Is there one jazz sound? Turn your confusion into answers with Litmus Jazz Ensemble and host, Ashley, as they break down this often-misunderstood genre in the series, This is Jazz

In this first episode, find out how to listen, like really, really listen, to jazz. Uncover the essential ingredients to this genre of music and find out what elements to look out for when you experience a jazz performance.  


About Ashley Erianah
Performing under the moniker E R I, Ashley Erianah's music is inspired by a wide variety of genres including soul, funk, jazz and more. She is currently based in Singapore and is a core member of the Darker Than Wax Label.

About Litmus Jazz Ensemble
The Litmus Jazz Ensemble was formed by double bassist and band leader Eugene Chew with a vision to feature and foster the creation of new and exciting Singaporean jazz compositions. Borrowing from their musical roots of improvisation and spontaneity on the bandstand, the ensemble takes on each piece with an adventurous spirit every time and draws their audiences along with them. With a combination of unorthodox instrumentation and dynamic chemistry, Jeffrey Tan on violin, Erwin Tan on trombone, Joel Chua on keyboards, Eugene Chew on bass and Anson Koh on drums, the Litmus Jazz Ensemble boasts a unique and modern sound with a musical energy that sets them apart from others.

Song credits 
Music: Blues for Some Days 
Composed and arranged by: Eugene Chew 
Audio Production by: Jeffrey Tan

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