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Muara Festival 2021: Kopi-O Pisang Goreng 2

Premieres 27 Nov, 4.30pm 


Published: 25 Nov 2021

Time taken : >15mins

Muara Online: Kopi-O Pisang Goreng 2

by Mak Mak Menari & Pak Pak Penglipur (Singapore)
Premieres 27 Nov, 4.30pm 
Available online until 27 Dec, 12pm

Duration: 1h

An online sharing session, Kopi-O Pisang Goreng 2 focuses on the sharing of dances by senior-aged dancers. Hear from Rawi Hamim, Azmi Juhari and Ramlan Rashidi of Pak Pak Penglipur and Norhayati Masnan, Wefi Sofianah and Sarimah Mohamed of Mak Mak Menari on the elements of Malay dance. 

The session is hosted by Azrin Abdul Rahim, Executive Director of Era Dance Theatre.

About the dancers of Mak Mak Menari  

Wefi Sofianah learnt dance at several dance studios in Jakarta, Indonesia. She was a dancer with the Jakarta Cultural Office and performed on several overseas stages to promote the Indonesian culture. She also participated in many national level dance competitions in Jakarta. In Singapore, Wefi danced with the People’s Association and Era Dance Theatre. She is currently teaching in a primary school and involves herself with Group Kembang Goyang Singapore and Lenggang Nusantara. 

Norhayati Masnan dances at community centres, the National Dance Company and the Mak Mak Menari dance group. She has performed for various local events and dance festivals both locally and overseas. She was also one of the Singapore delegates to perform at the ASEAN Dance Festivals. 

Sarimah Mohamed was a member and dancer from Persatuan Kemuning, Perkumpulan Seni, Cairnhill Community Centre and Mak Mak Menari dance group. She was also involved in various local events and participated in international festivals in Malacca (Malaysia), Medan and Palembang (Indonesia). Sarimah has also performed for National Day and at Chingay parades. 

About the dancers of Pak Pak Penglipur  

Rawi Hamim is known in the Singapore getai circuit as the singer in a songkok. Rawi constantly surprises and impresses people with his ability to sing in Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese. Prior to his accidental foray into getai, Rawi began his performing career as a dancer and musician with the People's Association. Rawi has co-choreographed for the Chingay Parade.  

Azmi Juhari began as a self-taught dancer in 1979 and has never looked back. His first meeting with Ms Fatimah Osman, a local dance teacher, marked the beginning of his life as a dancer with Radin Mas CC Malay Dance Group. Under her wing, Azmi was introduced to Perkumpulan Seni, an association which further fuelled his passion in dance. As one of the pioneer cultural associations in Singapore, Perkumpulan Seni was pivotal in developing Azmi’s career. It was though Perkumpulan Seni that Azmi was able to learn the fine art of Malay dance under veteran choreographers Ali Sungip and Idrias Abdullah. In his later years, Azmi had the privilege of working with renowned choreographers Salleh Buang (Kemuning), Som Said (Sri Warisan), Naim Pani (Veteran), Osman Hamid (People’s Association), Onn Jaafar (Malaysia) and Tom Ibnur (Indonesia).  

Azmi’s creativity knows no boundaries and continues experimenting with contemporary Malay dance and other various ethnic dances. His outstanding choreography include his recent works for GENTARASA (a project by People’s Association) and World Expo in Aichi and Contemporary Dance Festival in Indonesia. His works usually depict a strong sense of modernity with a classic touch of tradition. Leveraging on his vast experience as a dancer and choreographer, he formed his own dance group AZPIRASI. Azmi currently teaches in various schools and institutions with the hopes of training and developing the best talents of the future generation.  

Ramlan Rasidi started his dance journey in 1978 at Monk’s Hill Secondary School. The following year he joined the Bumajapura group at Siglap Community Centre. In the 80s, Ramlan participated in many events including Dance Festival with Pak Tom Ibnur and ASEAN Festival in Brunei. Ramlan was also an actor in Kuala Lumpur in the ‘90s and has danced with Dancing Daddy and Gemilang SG. Ramlan is currently active in dancing activities with Pak Pak Penglipur.  

Muara Festival is presented by Era Dance Theatre in collaboration with Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay as part of Esplanade's Pentas series  

Muara Online

Discover the rich heritage of Malay traditional and contemporary dance at Muara Festival, Singapore’s annual gathering of Malay dance practitioners and enthusiasts, from 29 Oct – 27 Dec 2021
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