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Visual Arts

Green is Gold Too

Joko Avianto (Indonesia)
20 Apr – 1 Jul 2018
All day
Esplanade Concourse


Bamboo used to be the preferred type of construction material in many Southeast Asian countries, as it is known for its flexibility and strength. Previously cultivated in abundance, bamboo forests in Indonesia are fast being depleted and replaced by cash crop plantations. There is also a growing preference for modern building methods that use concrete and steel rather than wooden structures. Through the use of various different species of bamboo in this massive installation, Indonesian artist Joko Avianto foregrounds the valuable qualities of this natural resource and draws our attention to the environmental and cultural concerns brought about by the deforestation of bamboo forests.

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Road closures around Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay on 29 Apr 2018 | More info 

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