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Emotional Things

Ian Woo (Singapore)
20 Apr – 8 Jul 2018
All day
Esplanade Tunnel


Emphasising paint, colour, texture and materiality, Singapore artist Ian Woo breathes life into the mundane and responds to the architectural elements of the Esplanade Tunnel, by inserting an assortment of geometrical objects and colours into an all-too-familiar space that most people hurry through without thinking about it. The objects create a visual poetry with different hues and forms that at times disrupts, and at other times complements the space, establishing a new rhythm of emotions that leads the visitors down the long, otherwise lifeless passageway. The monotony of the space is cleverly deconstructed and mundane elements are rearranged and re-inserted, as if the physical and emotional elements are distinctively drawn out from deep behind the blank walls and brought to life.

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