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A Baybeats Budding Band’s Struggle: The Morning Martians Story

By Ummairah Shariff

Without struggle, being in a band would be boring.

Ashraf (Acap), 23, the boisterous guitarist of pop-punk band, Morning Martians, never once loses his smile, even while recalling the troubles that he, Md Iskandar, 21, Md Nashrul, 23, Md Nazirul Hakim, 23 and Md Ridwan, 27, went through.

“Ridwan (our drummer) is 27, and the youngest is 21. We try to slow down for him,” he says. The rest of the band (sans lead vocalist, Iskandar) chuckles as they agree vehemently.

The Morning Martians

Photo credit: Danial Hashim

At first glance, Morning Martians seem to be just another group of guyswho joke about anything and everything under the sun. However, in midst of the gags and giggles, their passion and devotion shine through.

The current line-up of the band began in 2015. Born out of the feeling of awe Ridwan had after seeing the Martians perform at Scape. Acap injects a shout-out to the Teh Tarik coffeeshop where the band officially met their drummer.

Over the past two years, their repertoire of achievements have grown immensely. From being invited to play in various shows in Malaysia to releasing their own EP, Hope You Could Relate, they continue being motivated to keep doing what they love. Their final goal is to be invited to big festivals like Baybeats as exclusive performers.

“But, in five years time, I think we’ll be finding a new drummer,” laments Acap lightheartedly. With a bashful laugh, Ridwan admits that his tendency to drink at least five Starbucks drinks a day might just lead him to lose a leg through diabetes.

What’s in between those five years? They hope to “be bigger than they are”, as Nashrul, bassist, puts it. From Europe to America, the ‘gigging’ culture is calling out for the boys although they have to wait for Iskandar to end his national service first, yet another struggle the band have to overcome.

Hope You Could Relate, their debut EP, is available on Spotify, YouTube and Bandcamp. The fusion of hardcore and pop-punk brings a blend that the masses can relate to, with its catchy choruses and ‘gang’ vocals.

The Morning Martians

Photo credit: Danial Hashim

Shout out to Teh Tarik, indeed.

Unfortunately, Morning Martians will not be performing in Baybeats 2017 due to Iskandar’s enlistment in National Service. We wish them all the best.