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Gema Ghazal (The Call of Ghazal)

Persatuan Ghazal Johor Malaysia (Malaysia)
20 & 21 Jul 2017Thu & Fri
Thu: 7pm, 7.45pm & 8.30pm (Esplanade Concourse)

Fri: 6.45pm, 8.15pm & 9.45pm (Esplanade Outdoor Theatre)
20 Jul 2017 : 7pm, 7.45pm & 8.30pm
21 Jul 2017 : 6.45pm, 8.15pm & 9.45pm
30mins (Thu) & 45mins (Fri)
Various Locations

The ghazal is an ancient form of poetry from Arabia—originally a medium of expressing unrequited love—sung in a slow-paced and melancholic melody. In the 19th century, the Malay ghazal evolved into an upbeat form of music that is commonly performed at celebratory social functions. It has its roots in Johor (Malaysia), where ghazal groups sing to traditional pantun verses (Malay quatrains) accompanied by the gambus (a type of lute) and other instruments such as the accordion and violin. Fall in love with Malay ghazal classics such as Seri Mersing, Pak Ngah Balik and Penawar Rindu.

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