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From Ikat to Perada – The Story of Sumptuous Malay Textiles

Singapura Stories / Khir Johari (Singapore)
6 Aug 2016Sat
Conducted in English

This is a story about textiles. If it could speak, it would tell a tale not just about taste and aesthetics but also about its role as a status symbol, and the broader history and geography of the Malay people. While some types of traditional fabric are still used, others can only be found in museums.

This sharing session invites you to explore the various styles of both woven (tie-dyed ikats and brocades) and decorated textiles (hand-painted batik, gold-stamped cloth and gilded embroidery), as well as the creative process.

About the speaker

Khir Johari is a collector and independent researcher of Malay history and culture. He was born and raised in the historic Kampong Gelam. Khir has a mathematics background and is an alumnus of Stanford University. He is currently a director at an investment management firm.

In his free time, he enjoys documenting oral history and amassing materials originating from the insular region of Southeast Asia, such as old publications, artefacts, anthropological food items and music recordings.

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