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Nigel Hogan

11 Nov 2017Sat
Esplanade Concourse

His is a sweet short story and a rather tall truthful tale, a career that has gathered more gallstones than career milestones. At 15, Nigel wrote his own songs and dreamed of being a rock star. At 23, he played with Singapore’s seminal rock band of the ’90s, The Padres (not the American baseball team).

At 25, he performed for the late King Bhumibol of Thailand, playing a song written by the King himself and in front of an audience of 60,000, before suddenly vanishing at 27 (must have been the gallstones some would say). Some mourned his disappearance, others celebrated, most were more interested in getting in queue for free hello kitty dolls. Now, like all musicians from the ’90s who have run out of money, the reclusive Nigel Hogan is back!

If you listen without prejudice, you will be entertained. So check him out and don’t miss his “less hair but more confidence tour”.

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