Esplanade Presents | Holi – Colours of Spring 2018


Rang Rasiya

Sandeep Chatterjee (Singapore)
18 Mar 2018Sun
7pm & 8.15pm
7pm & 8.15pm
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre


Holi is also celebrated through music. Though there may be semiclassical forms of music like “Hori” sung specifically during spring, there are numerous other folk music forms which are popular and sung during Holi and Spring Festival.

Sandeep Chatterjee is a versatile singer with multiple albums under his belt. He sings in various languages and has previously organised Holi programmes such as Boshonto Utsav, Rang Barse and Beats of the East. In this performance, Sandeep presents a garland of Holi songs from various parts of India.

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