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Rasas – Dances from Sulawesi

Sanggar tari Sekar Tanjung (Indonesia)
21 – 23 Oct 2016
Fri – Sun
21 Oct 2016 : 7.30pm & 8.30pm
22 Oct 2016 : 6.30pm, 7.30pm & 8.30pm
23 Oct 2016 : 7.15pm & 8.30pm
21 & 22 Oct 2016 : 7.30pm & 8.30pm
22 Oct 2016 : 6.30pm
23 Oct 2016 : 7.15pm & 8.15pm
30mins (no intermission)
Esplanade Concourse

The Indonesian island of Sulawesi is divided into six provinces, with each ethnic group birthing a variety of distinctive dance traditions. As is the case in other areas of Indonesia, dance is important to the people of Sulawesi, as their spiritual norms, ritual practices and artistic expressions are intertwined as one. The dance traditions of Sulawesi remains focused on indigenous forms, and have attracted surprisingly little scholarly attention from the dance world.

One of the best-known dances is Tari Pakarena, a traditional dance from South Sulawesi. The slow and graceful movements of the female dancers is accompanied by two double-headed barrel drums, or gendang, played with fast interlocking patterns. The contrast between the subdued dance and lively music is often interpreted to represent essential gender differences.

Founded in 2015, Sanggar Tari Sekar Tanjung is a labour of love by professional dancers from all over the city of Jakarta, Indonesia. Mainly trained in traditional Indonesian dance forms, it is the company's hope to instil the love of traditional dances in the hearts of Jakarta dwellers through their classes.

About da:ns festival

To all dance lovers and those curious, Esplanade’s da:ns festival invites you to fall in love with dance through a full-hearted celebration of movement this October. With powerful performances from around the world, exciting new creations and a wide range of opportunities to learn different kinds of dance, this 11-day festival will open your mind, lift your spirit and get your body moving.

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