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Korean Shamanistic Music

Yang Bona (Korea)
20 & 21 Apr 2018 Fri & Sat
Fri: 7pm, Festival Opening (30mins) & 9pm (45mins)
Sat: 7pm (45mins)
20 & 21 Apr 2018 : 7pm
21 Apr 2018 : 9pm
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Shamanism has a history of some 5,000 years in Korea, where it was once a state religion. The fact that the first mythical ruler of the peninsula was a shaman attests to its importance in this ancient society. Although diluted and diverted throughout its history by religions brought over from India, China and the West, it never completely died. It is possible to see its traces in every aspect of life, from the casual rituals of daily events to music and dance.

The core of Korean shamanism is the gut ceremony, aimed at catering to certain needs of a pre-historic agrarian society. Music and dance are also a way to create a communal union with the audience. Once the most important part of ritual, shamanic music is now performed on the concert stage for eager audiences. The gayageum zither, bowed string haegeum and even the Western acoustic guitar are sometimes used to tamper with the rawness of shamanic music, appealing more to contemporary listening tastes.

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About Yang Bona
Yang Bona is an award-winning musician trained in Korean shamanic music. She has received numerous honours in Korea and abroad, including the prestigious President Award of the 14th World Samulnori Competition.

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