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Incense-making workshop

Chia Wei Sheng (Singapore)
21 & 22 Apr 2018Sat & Sun
11am & 2.30pm
11am & 2.30pm
Jendela (Visual Arts Space)
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Incense is the liberation of scent and perfume by use of fire. Historically, apart from being used as offerings in religious settings, it was also used by people to scent themselves and their environments. 

At this workshop, learn to make your own natural incense sticks or cones while you find out some of the ways that incense can be used to perfume our surroundings and reduce stress.

About Chia Wei Sheng
Chia is the president of the Incense Culture Association of Singapore and author of incense knowledge website, where he shares his knowledge of incense and teaches readers how to appreciate it.

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