TTNG (UK) + MYLETS (US) Live In Singapore

5 May 2017Fri
2hrs 30mins
Esplanade Annexe Studio
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At the door on show day: $70*

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TNNG brings math rock to the masses every time they perform their technically jaw dropping jams in concert. The stylistically diverse riffs of guitarist Tim Collins incorporate everything from jazz to flamenco, and his complex melodies interplay perfectly with the asymmetrical time signatures and polyrhythmic percussion of ace drummer Chris Collins. Forming the backbone of their intricate sound is bassist and singer Henry Tremain, whose unadorned playing and artful vocal melodies make the band's songs soar. All three are virtuosic players and performers, and seeing them execute complicated yet catchy favourites like "Sponkulus Nodge" and "Coconut Crab" is a serious treat for fans. 

Under the moniker Mylets, Henry Kohen takes on the roles of several musicians at once. The wunderkind guitarist who, at 17, became the youngest artist signed to Sargent House has since established his reputation as an awe-inspiring and agile performer, playing across North America and Europe multiple times over the past
couple of years.

Dancing across multiple guitar pedals that line the stage, Kohen also sings and lays down guitar loops while simultaneously tapping out beats on a drum machine. Nothing is pre-programmed. Every note played is as organic and fallible as its performer. Kohen’s physicality and presence is captivating on stage, but what’s even more impressive is that his songwriting talent is equally as vast and varied as his multitasking skills.

This is part of the KittyWu Records 10th anniversary weekend.

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