Getting an Esplanade&Me account

  1. How do I sign up to be an Esplanade&Me cardholder?

    There are 3 ways to sign up:
    1. Online: Choose from the White or Black Card
    2. Go to the Esplanade Box Office Counter
    3. Call our hotline at 6348 5555
  2. Why do I have to provide my NRIC/FIN/Passport number when I sign up?

    We need to verify your identity when you sign up for the White or Black card because your Esplanade&Me account is non-transferable.
  3. Where can I find my card number?

    You will receive a confirmation email with your card number and card collection details when you complete your purchase. Your card number can also be found on the front of your White or Black card.
  4. How long is the Esplanade&Me card valid for?

    One year.
  5. How do I check if my card is still valid?

    The expiry date is stated on the front of your White or Black card. You can also log in to your account to check your card expiry date. We will send you an email 3 months before your card expires.
  6. I am an existing mailing list subscriber. How do I sign up for the Esplanade&Me card?

    Log in with your subscriber account details. You can browse Esplanade&Me to find out more and sign up directly online. Alternatively, you can also go to Esplanade’s Box Office or call the hotline at 6348 5555.
  7. I have an existing account with SISTIC. Do I have to create a new account to be an Esplanade&Me cardholder?

    No, you don’t have to create a new account. You can already log in with your existing SISTIC account details (email address and password). When you have decided on the White or Black card, follow the steps to complete the transaction. Your SISTIC account is converted to an Esplanade&Me account when you sign up for either the White or Black card.
  8. How do I manage and update my profile?

    You can update your personal information and preferences, check your Esplanade&Me account status and your Ticket Voucher codes when you log in.
  9. How do I convert to the Black card?

    If you are a White cardholder, you can do so online by logging in and signing up for the Black card at the annual fee of $500. If you hold a Black card, you cannot convert to a White card until your Black card has expired.
  10. Can I join Esplanade&Me if I live overseas?

    Yes, you can sign up for the White or Black card even if you are living overseas. Once you sign up, you can enjoy your benefits right away when you log in to your account.
  11. Can I suspend my Esplanade&Me account?

    No, the account cannot be suspended or extended. It is valid for one year.
  12. Can I designate a second Esplanade&Me cardholder?

    No, it belongs to the named account holder only.
  13. How do I sign up to receive Esplanade&Me e-newsletters?

    You don't have to sign up separately for the newsletter. By agreeing to receive information, important updates and / or promotions from Esplanade, you will receive the Esplanade&Me e-newsletter. This will be sent once every 2 months to the email address that you used to sign up for your Esplanade&Me account.

Esplanade&Me Cards

  1. When will I receive my Esplanade&Me card(s)?

    It will take at least 10 working days to process your application. For Black cardholders, if you have selected to receive your Esplanade&Me card(s) through mail, it will take an additional 2 to 3 working days for your card to reach you.
  2. Can I use my benefits immediately even if I have not received my Esplanade&Me card?

    Yes, you can. Log in to your account to use your Ticket Vouchers immediately after signing up. If you wish to buy tickets at the Esplanade Box Office or via our hotline, quote your Esplanade&Me card number and NRIC/FIN/Passport number.
  3. How do I collect my Esplanade&Me card?

    You can collect your card personally at Esplanade's Information Counter at Mezzanine from 12pm – 8.30pm daily. As it can get busy during peak hours, please avoid collection from 6pm – 8pm. For Black cardholders, you have the option to have your cards mailed to you.
  4. Can I buy or collect my tickets without my Esplanade&Me card?

    Yes, you can. If you’re buying tickets online, log in to your account, we will verify your account status and authorise the transaction. If you’re buying or collecting tickets in person, you must provide a valid Esplanade&Me card number together with your NRIC/FIN/Passport number for identification purposes.
  5. I have lost my Esplanade&Me card. What do I do?

    If your Esplanade&Me card is lost, stolen or damaged, please inform us immediately. Email us at me@esplanade.com or call 6828 8377. We will replace your card in 10 working days. While your card is being replaced, you can still use your Ticket Vouchers when you log in to www.esplanade.com.
  6. How much does it cost to replace my Esplanade&Me card?

    The replacement fee is SGD $10.
  7. How do I collect my replacement Esplanade&Me card?

    You will need to collect your card at the Information Counter at Mezzanine from 12pm – 8.30pm. Please bring along your NRIC/FIN/Passport for identification and the SGD $10 replacement fee. We accept payment by cash and credit card only.
  8. Can I give my Esplanade&Me card to someone else to use?

    No, the Esplanade&Me account is non-transferable. All cardholders will need to provide a valid Esplanade&Me card number and NRIC/FIN/Passport number in order to enjoy benefits.

Esplanade&Me Ticket Specials

  1. What savings do I enjoy?

    White cardholders enjoy up to 10% savings on selected programmes at Esplanade. Black cardholders enjoy up to 15% savings on selected programmes at Esplanade. See Esplanade&Me benefits.
  2. How many Esplanade&Me tickets can I buy?

    You can buy up to four tickets per production at Esplanade&Me prices where applicable, subject to availability.
  3. How do I purchase tickets at Esplanade&Me prices?

    There are 3 easy ways:
    1. Online: Log in to your Esplanade&Me account on Esplanade.com
    2. Esplanade Box Office: Present valid Esplanade&Me card identification and NRIC/FIN/Passport identification
    3. Hotline: State valid Esplanade&Me card number and NRIC/FIN/Passport identification
  4. Can I buy Esplanade&Me ticket specials at any SISTIC outlet?

    Yes you can, with a valid Esplanade&Me card and your NRIC/FIN/Passport identification for verification. Esplanade&Me ticket specials are also available on Esplanade.com, Esplanade Box Office and over our hotline.
  5. Can I buy tickets to all shows on SISTIC at special prices since I have an Esplanade&Me White or Black card?

    No, Esplanade&Me ticket prices are only applicable for selected performances and events happening at Esplanade. These ticket specials do not apply to all shows listed on SISTIC.
  6. How do I know which events have special prices for Esplanade&Me cardholders?

    When Esplanade&Me ticket specials are available, it will be indicated clearly on our website, on the event detail pages and at your point of purchase. You will be able to see all the prices that are available to all cardholder categories.

Esplanade&Me Card Renewals

  1. How do I renew my card?

    There are 3 ways to renew your card:
    1. Online. Log in to your account and click “Renew”
    2. Go to Esplanade Box Office
    3. Call 6348 5555
  2. Can I still renew my card after it has expired?

    You can renew your card within 30 days after the date of expiry.
  3. Where can I find the expiry date of my card?

    The expiry date is indicated on the front of your card. You can also find your card expiry date in My Account.

  4. Can I bring forward my unused e-ticket vouchers if I renew my card?

    No. You must use all your e-vouchers before your card expires.

  5. Am I eligible for a lower renewal fee?

    Yes you can. Renewal fees will be reduced the more you spend! Kindly refer to the table below for details:

    Renewal rewards for existing cardholders
    Your spend on Esplanade events* in one year White Card Black Card
    More than $2,000
    Free upgrade to Black card OR free White card (for another year)
    Free (for another year)
    $1,000 – $1,999
    Free White card (for another year) OR upgrade to Black card for $298
    $298 (discounted renewal fee) OR free White card
    $500 – $999
    $28 (discounted renewal fee)
    Less than $500
    *On all events held at Esplanade
  6. How do I check how much I have spent so far?

    You can contact us at me@esplanade.com to find out.

  7. How do I know if I qualify for the special renewal rate or free upgrade?

    When you log in to your account, you will see a message indicating that you qualify for a free upgrade or special renewal rate if you meet the minimum spending requirement. You can click on the prompt message to to complete the renewal process.

Esplanade&Me Events and Guided Tours

  1. What are Esplanade&Me events? Where can I see these events and how do I sign up?

    Esplanade&Me events are activities planned especially for Esplanade&Me cardholders, such as opportunities to go “behind-the-scenes”, invitations to meet-and-greet sessions and special workshops or talks. You can register online via email. Certain events may be chargeable and if so, prices will be indicated clearly in the event details. See all Esplanade&Me Events.
  2. Can I bring guests to an Esplanade&Me event? How many can I bring?

    Yes. You can bring one guest with you to any event, unless otherwise stated.
  3. What is the difference between The Esplanade Walk and The Esplanade Tour?

    The Esplanade Walk is a 45-minute guided tour around the public and front-of-house areas of the centre. Cardholders can call, walk-in and enjoy a special rate of $8 for this tour.

    The Esplanade Tour is a 1.5- to 2-hour guided tour that takes you backstage in addition to the front-of-house areas. Cardholders must call to book this tour at a special rate of $24 for themselves and guest(s) but the cardholder who made the booking must be present for the tour.

    For more details on booking and conditions, please see Guided Tours or call 6828 8377 (operating hours: 8:30am to 10pm)

Esplanade&Me x Huayi 2018 Special

  1. What is the Huayi 2018 Special?

    Esplanade&Me members can redeem a limited edition Huayi 2018 melamine plate with every $188 spent in a single transaction across all events under Huayi – Chinese Festival of Arts 2018 (while stocks last).
  2. How will I know if I am able to redeem a Huayi plate?

    You will receive an email from us within 5 working days if you qualify for the redemption.
  3. I didn’t receive the email even though I qualify. What should I do?

    Contact us immediately at 6828 8377 or email us at me@esplanade.com.
  4. I am not an Esplanade&Me member. Can I redeem the Huayi plate?

    No, the redemption is for Esplanade&Me members only. The redemption does not apply to other Esplanade memberships such as JOYears or PIP's Club. To qualify, sign up for an Esplanade&Me card and spend $188 on Huayi 2018 events in one single receipt.

  5. Does this promotion apply to all events in Huayi 2018?

    Yes, just spend a min. of $188 in one transaction or one receipt across all events under Huayi 2018 to qualify.

  6. How long is this promotion valid for

    This promotion is valid from 16 Nov 2017 to 4 Mar 2018, or until all the plates have been fully redeemed.
  7. When can I collect my Huayi plate?

    You can collect your Huayi plate from 12 Jan 2018 onwards at Esplanade’s Information Counter or Box Office, located at Mezzanine Level (open from 12pm – 8.30pm daily).
  8. What do I need as proof of redemption?

    Please present the confirmation email from Esplanade on your mobile device or in print at the Information Counter/Box Office upon collection.
  9. Can I redeem more than one Huayi plate if I have multiple receipts?

    You may redeem one Huayi plate with every $188 spent in a single transaction on one receipt. Receipts may not be combined to make up $188. If you have multiple qualifying receipts, each with a min. spend of $188, you may redeem more plates. Do inform our Customer Experience team and present your proof of redemption upon collection. Each person may redeem a maximum of 5 Huayi plates.

For Black Cardholders only

Priority Booking

  1. What is priority booking? Is it available for all events?

    Priority booking means that you get to buy tickets within a limited time before we open ticket sales to the public. Valid only for Black cardholders, it is not available for all events and is subject to availability.
  2. How do I qualify for priority booking?

    Priority booking is only available for Black cardholders. You can upgrade your account or sign up for a Black card to qualify.
  3. How would I know when there is priority booking?

    If you are a Black cardholder, you will receive updates through email about priority booking periods that will be available for selected events.
  4. How do I buy tickets during priority booking? How many tickets can I purchase?

    You can purchase up to 4 tickets per production during the priority booking period. There are 3 ways to buy tickets:
    1. Online: Log in to your Esplanade&Me account at Esplanade.com and we will verify your account status upon login to check if you qualify for priority booking
    2. Esplanade Box Office: Present a valid Esplanade&Me card and present NRIC/FIN/Passport identification for verification and eligibility.
    3. Hotline: State your valid Esplanade&Me card identification number and NRIC/FIN/Passport number for verification and eligibility.
  5. Can I use Ticket Vouchers during the priority booking period?

    Yes, you can if you are a Black cardholder and you qualify for priority booking.

Car Park Privileges

  1. How much do I save on parking?

    10% off your total parking fee.
  2. How do I get car park discounts?

    This is only available for Black cardholders and is applicable for up to 2 vehicles. Black cardholders must provide the vehicle plate number and IU number for both vehicles.
  3. How do I redeem the parking discount?

    The car park system will automatically read your IU number and recognise your vehicle when you enter and exit the car park.
  4. Can I change my registered IU number later?

    Yes you can. Please allow 5 working days for the activation of each change.
  5. What happens if both my cars are parked at Esplanade? Will both receive the parking discount?

    If, at any time, both registered cars are parked at Esplanade’s car park, only the first car will receive the parking discount.
  6. Do I enjoy further discount if I am a Season Parking Ticket holder at Esplanade?

    Existing Season Parking Ticket holders at Esplanade are not entitled to further discount on parking charges.


If you have other questions that have not been addressed here, please contact us or call 6828 8377 (operating hours: 8:30am to 10pm).