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Where imagination comes to life

Stories are important to us because they fire up our imagination, one of the things inherent in us all that make us unique. We’re able to imagine the unimaginable, or find new ways of seeing.

The good thing is that stories aren’t just found in books. In the arts, we find one in the way a dancer expresses himself through movement; in a play, as the drama unfolds; or at a concert, when we close our eyes and let the music take over. Sometimes, when we dig deeper, we discover a larger narrative at play. That’s how ideas are put into the world, one story at a time.

Imagination is a powerful tool, and the arts inspires that. Esplanade is where we spark off and nurture that curious, creative nature, whether you’re four or 40.

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For children ages 2 to 4, get those imaginations running wild at PLAYtime!

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