Esplanade Shop
T: +65 6828 8397
E: esp-shop@esplanade.com

Sunday to Thursday: 12pm to 10pm
Friday and Saturday: 12pm to 10.30pm

The experience need not end when you leave Esplanade, you can always take a part of the place with you from Esplanade Shop, the main place in town for all things related to Esplanade. The specialty of the shop is exclusive Esplanade signature goods including commemorative coins, a variety of clothing items, soft-toys, post-cards, stationery and books on Esplanade. And if you would like to leave with more than just a memory of a performance that has just captivated you, also available in the shop are performance related items such as CDs and books.

Corporate Gifts
Looking for an ideal gift for your overseas friends or clients? Esplanade Shop offers a wide array of unique souvenirs with a touch of Singapore flavour.

Consignment Opportunities
Calling all local artists, designers and entrepreneurs!!! Looking for a platform to showcase your products? Look no further. Esplanade Shop offers you an opportunity to realise your dreams to sell your works here! For more info, click here.
Esplanade 10th Anniversary Commemorative Stamp Set
Esplanade celebrates its 10th Anniversary in 2012 and commemorates the event with the theme Celebrating life – The best of the Human Spirit through the Arts at its many festivals throughout the year.

The Stamp Set will feature Esplanade’s distinctive architecture, packed within a specially designed 10th anniversary packaging.
MMF 2012 Festival T-Shirt
$19 each
Available in 5 different sizes – XS, S, M, L, XL
I ‘Heart’ Mosaic T-Shirt
$20 each
Available in ladies cut, sizes – S, M, L
Playtime CD
Track List:
Theme Song
1. Into the Deep Deep Forest!

From Adventures of the Mousedeer
2. You Can't Catch Me!
3. Mix a Big Cake!
4. Beat the Bee Hive!
5. Wrap the Green Snake!

From The Nicest Egg in the World
6. I Like the Weather!
7. What's the Weather?
8. Ducky's Song
9. Chick's Song
10. Ducky and her Egg
11. Alligator Rock!

From Mouse Bakes a Cookie
12. Jasper & Casper - the Mice Song
13. I Smell a Cookie Bakign!
14. Chocolate Cookie, Yum!
Esplanade Lacquerware coaster set
Unique handmade Esplanade Lacquerware.
Comes in a set of Esplanade Chinese character and a Esplanade night view image.
Esplanade Lacquerware
Exquisite lacquerware with images of Esplanade
Esplanade Poster
- Polymer-plastic material
- 60 x 42 cm
Miniature Model
- 3-D view of Esplanade
- Poly-resin material
- 16 x 9 x 6cm
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Singlish Notebook
by John Chan, TriggerHappy
Singapore is a unique blend of Chinese, Malay and Indian culture. This permeates to the local language commonly known as Singlish. Although often viewed negatively as an incorrect use of English, it is one of the most authentic and genuine facets Singapore. Singlish is built upon the subtle nuances of the Singaporean personality and reflects daily life in the country. This notebook celebrates and promotes the intangible experience of the local Singaporean.
LOVE SG Notebook
Designed locally and getting inspiration from all things local, LOVE SG incorporates a quirky part of Singapore into each item.

The clever details and quality of the LOVE SG notebooks represent their approach to the conventional idea of the ubiquitous souvenir: fun, inspiring and slightly surprising.
LOVE SG T-Shirts
Designed locally and getting inspiration from all things local, LOVE SG incorporates a quirky part of Singapore into each item.

Their Singapore-centric T-shirt designs are done in a classic color palette with pops of bold color.
Old School Playground Pins
$26 each
An Old School Playground Pin that brings back memories? Conceived by 2 local graphic designers that loves the nostalgic past. Comes in 4 different designs and was also featured in the M1 Fringe Festival 2011.
Tee-issue T-Shirts
From $37
A local designer who designs each T-shirts with a different story to tell
Windows of Singapore Multi-Colour Tee-Shirt
From $33
Also from a local artist, who puts his own perspective of our iconic places into his T-Shirt design
Fabrix Laptop Bag
From $54.90
Handmade and self designed laptop bags from our homegrown entrepreneur designer.
Robocard offers a unique blend of form, function and fun. It holds up to 14 CDs and keeps a roll of toilet paper handy for any spill and leak. Made with corrugated board. Size: W22 x D16 X H46 cm
Car Sign
One for men, one for women, it’s the fun way to tell the world there’s a big shot around
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